Our Core Values

At Moksha Himalaya we believe that with great travel comes great responsibility. It is our mission to be a company that balances purpose, profit and people.  

We strive to be responsible not only in the trips we run, but also as a business; we are a for-profit company, but are committed to making a social impact above making a surplus, and thus we pledge to use our money to achieve a host of social objectives.  



Carbon Neutral Travel

When travelling with us, you are also travelling carbon neutral. We compensate not only the in-destination travel you book through us, but also the emissions from the flight you took to reach your destination and return home – all at our expense. 

Moksha Himalaya does by using this money to support emissions reductions from a wide variety of projects – from clean cooking solutions to renewable energy – reaching all corners of the globe. This project meets the Gold Standard, which is currently the highest standard for CO2 rights, developed in cooperation with the World Wildlife Fund. 

Empowering Local Communities

Working 100% with local businesses (>70% ownership by a person from that specific region) on all our treks and climbs, we aim to promote conservation, by creating viable local economic alternatives in rural areas, and increasing the value of conserving natural landscapes and local cultures. 


Our proprietary 'Ripple Score' system, showcases, for each of our trips, the percentage of money spent that returns to the local economy. We commit to returning >90% of expenses! The UN reports that that number is as low as $5 for typical mass tourism.

Walking Monks

Environmental Responsibility

Our list of activities only include those which have a minimum impact on the environment, such as walking, climbing, camping etc. We respect and support local conservation projects by following guidelines issued by National Park services and ensure that clients are made aware of any specific guidelines.


We operate in accordance with our partners, the Leave no Trace organization, to minimize our impact on the trails and at campsites. We have a strict "pack it in, pack it out" policy for all trash and partner with recycling facilities in order to move towards being a zero-waste-to-landfill organization. We partner with several cleanup organizations to mitigate the plastic pollution issue.  

Plastic - Free Travel

Plastic waste has a massive impact on the environment, even more so in the wilderness regions where we travel to. On average, you’ll use at least 40 plastic bottles each on just a two-week trip. We encourage clients to use fewer single-use plastic bottles by providing clean, purified water through all our trips in refillable water bottles.

For unavoidable plastic waste, we always pack it out and dispose of it properly at a recycling center and never burn or bury it. We are supporters of the Travelers Against Plastic project and have helpful tips on our blog to help you minimize plastic use whilst traveling. 


Backing Conservation Initiatives

3% of our revenues (not profits) go in to backing conservation initiatives that benefit both wildlife, the natural environment and community. 


Our contribution for 2018 & 2019 went to the Snow Leopard Conservancy - India Trust towards the building of predator-proof corrals and insuring of livestock (yaks and horses) to reduce human wildlife conflict and insuring villagers' yaks to mitigate the effects of unavoidable incidents.     

Mountains in Clouds

Moksha Himalaya declares a climate emergency. We have joined forces with other leaders in the tourism industry to help tackle the largest environmental crisis ever faced: climate change. As a responsible tour operator, we know that we are part of the problem, but this is our commitment to become part of the solution.